Monday, February 23, 2015

8 Months

Keeping you still by feeding you puffs! 
First time getting a "fussy" marked at daycare!
Watching Lyla ice skate for her birthday.

Always pulling my hair out of your fingers!
We finally got to hold sweet baby Piper! 
We went to Amy & Andy's wedding and  you stayed with Grandma & Grandpa Watson.
Proof you get a lot of attention while in Michigan! :)
First time in the snow! 


How are you 8 months old already!? We will be planning your 1st Birthday party before we know it.

As always we had a busy month full of germs, visitors, playing, traveling and much more! You caught the nasty flu bug for the first time. :( You threw up twice during the night so Dad stayed home from work on Friday with you. I'm out of days and you seemed to be feeling better-so we figured Dad could handle hanging with you all day! Of course you shared your germs with us-Saturday Dad got sick and then it hit me on Sunday. We both had to stay home on Monday because we were still sick but you went to daycare so we could rest and recover. It was no fun at all! After you were sick you didn't want to eat any solids for about a week. You would still suck on fruit in your mesh pouch but that was it. While I was sick we had to use a lot of milk from the freezer and actually....dun dun dun...depleted our freezer stock of breast milk!! You have started to have about 1 bottle of formula (Gerber Gentle) once a week.

You are getting so big! You can now sit in the highchair when we go out to eat, you try to sit in the shopping cart (but are a little small) and you can finally take baths in the real bath tub! You are happy when riding on your dad's shoulders, are starting to put your legs to your side showing us that you are eager to crawl. Daycare is still going great! Still happy every time we leave you there. You have 7 other babies in your room and 2 teachers. From what we hear they adore you, but also know you have a little temper! When you see someone else having a bottle and it's not time for you to eat you cry! Biggest daycare news of got your first "fussy" circled! ;)

Grandma and Grandpa Rutenbar came to visit from Thursday-Monday during their mid-winter break. The boys went golfing a few times and we went shopping! It was fun to have them here to play. We wish we could see them more often (not just on FaceTime).

The next weekend we flew to Michigan so that Dad and I could go to Amy & Andy's wedding. The flight there was your best flight yet! You spent the weekend playing with lots of family and getting an extra dose of attention.

Your dad and I think you are the prettiest baby ever! We could stare at you all day long.

Love you peanut,


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