Monday, September 22, 2014

3 Months

You look tiny in Mom & Dad's king size bed. You love to stare & smile at our wedding picture hanging on the wall. 

You got dressed up for Dad's 31st Birthday! 

We spent the weekend in the Woodlands & you stayed in your first hotel!

Watching football with Dad.

Everyone says you look like your Dad, but here is proof that you look like your mama too!

Video:Your first time really laughing! :) 

Kennedy- You have grown & changed so much in 3 short months. As I look back at pictures (crying) I wonder where my tiny baby went. I'm so glad I haven't gone back to work & get to hangout with you everyday. I'm enjoying this stage where you are starting to be a little more active learning new things everyday. You've found your hair, fingers, toys on your bouncy chair, learned to giggle, smile often, drool, spit up only on occasion, and typically only cry when you're hungry or overly tired. I wish you got to see your family more often & I'm sorry you don't get to. We do our best with Facetime but it's not the same. You are missing out and that makes your mama sad. You've met some of your family members but there are tons more who I can't wait for you to meet-you will absolutely love them all! But believe me your parents & friends in Texas sure do love on you! I'm looking forward to month 4 with you but I really hope it goes slow because I have to go back to work on November 3rd.

Love, your mama