Monday, March 23, 2015

9 Months

Picture @ 37 weeks pregnant! You came at 38 weeks and you are now 39 weeks old!

Yes, you were eating the rice off the table with your mouth!
 You have discovered the outlets! 
 Trying to help Dad lower your crib (or getting in the way)! 
 Sharing snacks before feeding the giraffes. 
Tired Kennedy! 
Trying to eat grass. 


Once we got back from Michigan you started scooting backwards and mastered it quickly! You can move all around going backwards! After going backwards for a few weeks you were ready for a change. Spring Break started off with a bang-on Saturday you took off crawling forward-nice and slow! You were hesitant to leave the carpet but after a week you are now all over the tile floor. While on the move you have discovered the noise the door stoppers make when you hit them and you are trying to pull yourself up on the coffee table balancing your pacifier and/or mouth on the side of the table! Dad and I think it is very cute to see you crawl all around  the house! However, also reminding us that we have to keep things picked up and baby proofed!

You have always favored your mama but are showing more signs of attachment for me this month. In the mornings I put you on the floor to play for a few minutes so that I can finish getting ready but you cry every time I walk away! The only thing that seems to help is giving you food to snack on or carting you around on my hip! :)

We lowered your crib down one notch because you were sitting up and able to reach the top rail. Two short weeks later we had to lower it all the way down because you were starting to lift yourself up by the top rail onto your knees.

You had a cough for over two weeks but had been acting fine minus a slight fever one night. As always your dad and I contemplating for days if we needed to take you to the doctor. I ended up going to the doctor with a bad sore throat and earache and was given an antibiotic. After that I worried that you might have something worse than a cough so we took you in. Dr. Gray said you had tons of fluid behind your ears a sign that you had a respiratory infection. She was surprised you had been acting normal. She gave you amoxicillian, which you like taking! We will get your ears checked again when we go back for your 9 month check up on April 6th.

To our knowledge you are still loving daycare! When I drop you off in the morning you have started to lean out of my arms and towards Ms. Maricela to take you! We hear there are a few boys that make you cry if they get too close to you. :)

You learned how to make farting noises with your mouth and a few days later clicking noises with your tongue. You still only have your two bottom teeth but another one on the bottom is working on making an appearance. Your current favorite toys are your tambourine, piano, sensory bottles, puzzles, stacking cups, and anything you can put in your mouth! I think you would be happy if we fed you finger food all day long! You are into eating puffs, mandarin oranges, watermelon, peas, carrots, blueberry's, eggs, pancakes, and soy yogurt.

Mom and Dad were off work for a week for Spring Break. You spent two days at daycare, celebrated St. Patrick's Day, went to the Houston Zoo, ate out a lot, you got a new car to cruise the block in, and spent lots of time playing at home.

Back to daycare tomorrow for two weeks then Grandma and Grandpa Watson will be here for a week for their Spring Break! :)

Can't wait to watch you grow, explore, and learn to things during month 10!

Love you baby girl! xoxo