Thursday, January 22, 2015

7 Months

Playing on the floor with Brecken after decorating cookies at Aunt Jackie's
Christmas Eve at church.
Christmas morning watching Tenley & Brecken open presents at their house. 
Opening presents Christmas morning at G & G Rutenbar's house. 
Tenley taking your for a spin in the new ride. 
Bath time in Grandma Watson's kitchen sink.
Christmas at the Morris' house.
Opening presents at G & G Watson's house.
Christmas pajamas
All of your cousins! 
Lots of lovin' going around! 
Bath time in Grandma Rutenbar's kitchen sink.
Meeting & playing with Jodi & Eli.
Grandma loves to spike babies hair!
We spent a lot of time "cleaning" the new car!
On the plane back to Houston. 
Back in Houston.
Lyla was excited to have you back and wanted to read your new books!
Look at you sitting up!
You got a sippy cup for Christmas and started drinking water. 
Proof you aren't always happy!
Starting to stand better!
Christopher's 1st Birthday party!
Watching HGTV (a girl after my own heart)


This month you got to meet lots of family and friends while we were in Michigan for two weeks. I so wish I had gotten pictures of you with everyone-I'll do a better job of picking up the camera next time! We stayed at Grandma & Grandpa Watson's house the first week and then Grandma & Grandpa Rutenbar's the second week. You were fussier than normal, but to be expected as you were away from your normalcy. Come to find out you had teeth bothering you. A few days after Christmas your bottom two teeth came through at the same time. Ouch! You were drooling like crazy until your teeth came in but ever since then the drooling has slowed down big time. Before your teeth popped through
we thought you might of had an ear infection because you were so fussy and kept pulling on your left ear. We took you to prompt care, but they said it was just a little red and probably was just your teeth bothering you. They gave you Amoxicillin to be on the safe side (plus your cousins were sick). We go had a great time in Michigan but it went by so fast. You got lots of love and attention!

I look at you every day and ask how you got so big. You can sit up by yourself, hold your own bottle, put your pacifier in by yourself, roll in both directions, drink water from a sippy cup, play with your fingers and toes, eat from a spoon, giggle, lean in to cuddle, make noises to show displeasure or satisfaction, have good hand eye coordination and can transfer objects from one hand to the other, jump in your jumper,  you recognize your name, you are ticklish, your bald spot is getting smaller, your birth mark is slowly starting to get a grayish color in the center meaning it's starting to fade away, you like to bang objects, your tambourine is your favorite toy, still love being outside, and think it is hilarious to ride on your Dad's shoulders.

You are still an awesome sleeper! Before we went to Michigan you wanted to be laid down awake and would fall asleep on your own at night. However, since we have been back most nights you want to be rocked to sleep. You have a sleeping attachment to you pink and white knitted blanket. As soon as it's in your hands you are calmed and it helps soothe you to sleep.

You are currently eating 1/2 a jar of Beechnut baby food (88 cents a jar) at lunch and dinner time.

Grandma & Grandpa Rutenbar are coming to visit Feb. 12th-16th-we can't wait!!

I love you Kennedy!


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