Wednesday, October 22, 2014

4 Months

You are starting to reach up high for toys. 

Attempting to hold your own bottle, but you still need help. 

Facetime with your cousins-Bentley was giving us a tour of the house they are "borrowing"

Nap time with Mom.

Frobergs-first pumpkin patch visit. You may have fell over during this photo, but didn't cry! 

Aunt Bev & Uncle Kevin sent you an outfit from Disney! 

First Houston Rockets Basketball game. You loved the noise & watching the jumbo tron. 

Playing in the airport. 

First time meeting Uncle Drew! 

First time meeting Great Grandma Rutenbar. 

First time meeting Great Grandpa Rutenbar. 

First time meeting Great Aunt Lou. 

First time meeting Great Aunt Shirley. 

The babies loved sitting outside listening to the live music! 

Brecken & Kennedy are a month apart but Kennedy only weighs 5 more ounces!

Sweet Tenley lovin on Kennedy. 

4 generations of Rutenbar's. 

Aunt Cheryl & Brycen. 

We got to spend the day with Sarah!

Flying back to Houston! 


We had the typical month of playing, taking naps, going for walks, shopping and going out to eat. With Halloween next week we visited a few pumpkin patches, but still need to carve your pumpkin. We also took your first big trip & flew to Florida for a long weekend to celebrate Kara & Cody's wedding. On the flight down you cried for maybe 2 minutes (but it felt like 10) before we took off but then you ate & slept the rest of the way. We had a busy weekend packed full of visiting family on the Rutenbar side. The flight home was not full so we were able to take your car seat on the plane and you slept the the majority of the time. We will take November off of flying but hope you are ready to fly again in December, January, & February! Maybe we can convince Dad to go somewhere in March for Spring Break! 

And just like that 5 months since I have worked have past and I must return in ONE week. I can't believe how fast the past 4 months with you have gone by. I hope next week goes really slow! On November 3rd, I have to go back to work & you will start daycare at the Wiggle Room. As much as I will miss you during the day I think (hope) I'm ready to get back to work. Still wondering how I will manage everything as I can hardly keep up with housework while I'm not working-or maybe I'm just choosing to avoid it! :) I'm looking forward to you meeting new friends and anticipate you getting sick as you adjust to all the germs! Good news is I only have to work for 3 weeks and then we get a week off for Thanksgiving. Grandma & Grandpa Watson and Aunt Bev are coming down to visit! 

Love from your mama